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Prices in $ US
The kits may be purchased individually
The Challenge Event Kit is designed for a team of four and may be purchased in any quantity
The 3 kits that make up a Challenge Event kit may be purchased individually
Tools may be purchased individually
Materials used to build the kits are sold in sensible numbers e.g. wooden pieces for structures comes in a replacement pack of 50 pieces, syringes in packs of 10


BSA-Fluids Kit $5.50
BSA-Fluids Kit This kit contains 4 pistons, 2 ft. tubing and "T" connector

STEM101 Fluidics Kit $327.90
STEM101 Fluidics Kit This kit contains materials for the 2013 STEM101 program.

STEM Kits using Hydraulics

Hydraulic Digger Kit $25.95
Hydraulic Digger This kit is one of the hydraulic kits that are useful for STEM learning - it demonstrates linear and rotational motion and the use of levers to scoop and deposit small items. The class 3 levers may be adjusted to explore levers at work.

Hydraulic Claw Kit $13.95
Hydraulic Claw This kit uses small 10cc syringes filled with water to operate four "fingers" and produce a grabbing claw-like action.

Hydraulic Up & Over Kit $10.95
Hydraulic Up & Over A STEM Kit that demonstrates the action of a single hydraulic piston. The position of the levers may be changed to investigate different motions and the math involved

Levers & Fluids Rig $29.95
Lever_1 Investigate the forces in class 1 lever systems using a cylinder filled with air or water. The syringe can be positioned in 2 locations and the force meter in 3, giving 6 ratios to explore.

Replacement Tools

Mitre Box $17.50
Mitre Box This mitre box features a slot, on both sides, for holding the wood piece while it is cut or drilled.

'C'-Clamp $5.75
C-clamp A solid metal 3" 'C'-Clamp for clamping the mitre box to a table top

Acrylic Ruler (12") $1.50
Acrylic Ruler A 12" acrylic ruler with easy-to-see 1/16" divisions.

Steel Ruler (12") $3.50
Steel Ruler A good steel ruler with 1/16" and smaller divisions.

Hacksaw $3.50
Hacksaw A carefully chosen hacksaw to fit an average grade 8 hand.

Hacksaw Blades (12 pk.) $3.25
Hacksaw Blades A set of 12 fine-toothed hacksaw blades.

Scissors (5") $3.00
Scissors 5 Scissors with 5" blade with round tips and moulded grips.

Hole Punch (¼") $3.50
Hole Punch A hole punch used to make 1/4" holes for axles to run through.

Craft Drill $18.50
F Craft Drill A carefully selected hand drill. The large chuck takes the 3/16" brad drill and the handle is ergonomically designed.

Drill bit (Brad. 3/16") $2.50
Drill Bit A drill bit that fits the chuck of the Craft Drill and drills a 3/16" hole in wood. It has a Brad point.

Round File (¼") $3.95
Round File A round file with a good handle to make a hole larger – up to ⅜".

Safety Glasses (pr.) $3.75
Safety Glasses A high quality pair of safety glasses - essential equipment when cutting and drilling.

Low-Temp Glue Gun $5.50
Glue Gun A safe low-temp Glue Gun that comes with 2 glue sticks.
Product Categories

NFPA Challenge Event Kits

NFPA Challenge Event Kit $175.00
Challenge-logo The Challenge Event Kit consists of 3 different kits packaged separately in three boxes. The Tools kit and the Workshop kit are required on the Workshop Day and the Challenge Kit is required on the Challenge Day.

NFPA Tools Kit $82.50
Tools Kit The tools that make up the Tools kit have been carefully selected for grade 8 and 9 students. The Tools Kit is required for each team at the NFPA Challenge Events.
Fiskars Craft drill The Tools kit includes a craft hand drill shown separately. The drill is ergonomically designed and the chuck is a good size and holds the drill bit firmly.

NFPA Workshop Kit $60.00
Workshop Kit This Kit is required for each team on the NFPA Workshop Day.

NFPA Challenge Kit $50.00
Challenge Kit This Kit is required for each team on the NFPA Challenge Day.

Classroom Kits

Lifter Kit $10.00
Lifter_1 A kit for a pair of students to construct a pneumatic lifter. Scissors and wood glue are required.

Rotational Arm Kit $7.75
Rotational Arm_1 This kit demonstrates how a rotational arm operates. Scissors and wood glue are required.

Clamp Kit $7.00
Clamp_1 A kit that demonstrates a clamp that picks up an object. Scissors and wood glue are required.

Pneumatic Arm Kit $29.95
Pneumatic Arm_1 A 3 action pneumatic arm that combines the three basic functions: lift up and down, turn left and right, and clamping or grabbing. This kit requires no tools except scissors and some wood glue.

Rotating Base Kit $12.95
Rotating Base This classroom kit demonstrates how a platform may be rotated through 180˚ using two actuating cylinders working together with a levered arm. Scissors and wood glue required.

Windmill Kit $10.95
Windmill_1 A hand-cranked Windmill kit that requires only scissors and wood glue as the pieces are pre-cut and drilled. This kit is appropriate for grades 4 through 6.

Wheels & Axles Kit $5.95
Wheels_Axles_1 This kit builds one (1) vehicle. It requires only scissors and wood glue to construct as the pieces are pre-cut. It is appropriate for grades 1 through 3.

Mini-Hydraulic Kits

Excavator Kit $15.95
Excavator An easy to assemble mini-hydraulic kit that demonstrates a lifting arm and a scooping claw.

Platform Lifter Kit $15.95
Platform lifter This mini-hydraulic kit uses a cylinder to lift an arm up and down. Assembles in less than an hour.

Cherry Picker Kit $15.95
Cherry picker This mini-hydraulic kit has a slotted arm that moves up and down with a platform attached. Easy to assemble.

Scissor Lift Kit $15.95
Scissor Lift A straight forward scissor lift platform using a slider mechanism. Assembles in less than an hour.

Hydraulics 4-in-1 Kit $38.95
4-in-1 kits A great deal! The four mini-hydraulics kit in one box. Approx. ⅓ off!

Hydraulic Robot Arm $23.95
Robot Arm This 3-action hydraulic robot arm lifts 13" and reaches out 16" and rotates 90˚.

Hydraulic Classroom Kit $155.00
Hydraulics Class Pack Another great deal! This class pack includes enough components to build 15 hydraulic devices.

Replacement Materials

Wood pieces (2ft., 25 pk.) $9.50
Wood-25 A pack of 25 pieces of structure wood, each 2ft long and 3/8" cross-section.

Wood pieces (2ft., 50 pk.) $18.50
Wood-50 A pack of 50 pieces of structure wood, each 2ft long and 3/8" cross-section.

Corner Gussets (50 pk.) $7.75
Corner Gussets 50 sheets of corner gussets or triangles designed to be used with structure wood.

Wood Glue (500cc) $9.50
Glue-500 This wood glue is the best adhesive for structure wood and corner gussets (500cc).

Wood Glue (132cc) $5.25
Glue-132 This wood glue is the best adhesive for structure wood and corner gussets (132cc).

Glue Holders (30 pk.) $3.60
Glue Holders Pack of 30 small recyclable containers for use with the wood glue.

Glue Sticks (12 pk.) $2.00
Glue Gun Sticks A pack of 12 glue sticks that fit the low-temp mini- Glue Gun.

20cc Syringes (10 pk.) $5.00
Syringes-20 A pack of 10 20cc syringes used in all the kits.

10cc Syringes (10 pk.) $4.25
Syringes-10 A pack of 10 10cc syringes used in the Challenge Event Kits and Pneumatic Arm Kit.

30cc Syringes (10 pk.) $8.75
Syringes-30 A pack of 10 30cc syringes that fit syringe holders and tubing.

60cc Syringes (5 pk.) $7.00
Syringes-60 A pack of 5 60cc syringes that fits the tubing.

Syringe Holders (10 pk.) $11.25
Syringe Clips Clips that fit both sizes of syringe with a sticky pad on the underside to fix the clip to wood and card.

Plastic Tubing (20 ft) $5.00
Plastic Tubing 20 ft of plastic tubing that fits the syringes.

Wooden Dowel (3/16" diam., 2ft. 25 pk.) $6.00
Dowel-316 25 pieces of wooden dowel that fits the wheels and the card disks and turns freely in the axle holders.

Wooden Dowel (¼" diam., 2ft. 25 pk.) $9.00
Dowel-14 25 pieces of wooden dowel, ¼" diameter, 2ft long. Fits small and medium pulleys.

Axle Holders (100 pk.) $5.00
Axle Holders A pack of 100 axle holders, made from card stock, punched to allow the axles to move freely through them.

Mini-Washers (100 pk.) $4.50
Mini-Washers A pack of 100 mini-washers used to hold and to finish the axles.

Wheels, large (50 pk.) $12.50
Large Wheels 50 wooden wheels 2⅞" in diameter and may be cut or drilled easily.

Wheels, medium (50 pk.) $12.50
Medium Wheels 50 medium wooden wheels just over 2" in diameter. They may be cut and drilled easily.

Card Disks (2½" diam. 25 pk.) $5.00
Card Disk These card disks are made from card stock and have a 3/16" hole that an axle runs through.

Pulleys, 2" diam. (10 pk.) $6.25
Medium Pulleys A pack of 10 medium wooden pulleys with a 1/4" hole suitable for use with 1/4" dowel.

Pulleys, 1" diam. (10 pk.) $4.25
Small Pulleys A pack of 10 small wooden pulleys with a 1/4" hole suitable for use with 1/4" dowel.

Wheel Hubs (¼" hole, 10 pk.) $8.50
Hubs 10 wooden hubs with holes for 8 vanes. The hole size is 3/16" throughout.

Double-sided Tape (15 ft.) $2.00
DS Tape This tape is approx 1" wide and 15ft long and is sticky on both sides.

Sandpaper (180 grit, 10 pk.) $5.00
Sandpaper A pack of 10 sheets (9" X 11") of 180 grit sandpaper, ideal for small wood projects.

Clamp Objects (cylinder, 5 pk.) $2.50
Objects-Cyl A pack of 5 clamp objects, made from wooden dowel 1¼" diam.